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What is HelioTek, LLC?

Heliotek, LLC, is a 525kW photovoltaic(PV) electric power generation system located on the North 3 acres of land owned by Agritek Industries, Inc. The system is made from 4004 Stion-brand 130W frameless solar panels, 2002 optimizers, 26 Solar Edge power inverters and 40,000 feet of copper wires. This PV system generates roughly 1/4 of the electricity that Agritek consumes in one year. This would be the amount of power consumed by 80 homes per year.

Solar Power? In Michigan?

Contrary to popular belief, Michigan is good for solar production. 80% of solar power is generated in the summertime and in Michigan 60% of the total sunlight happens to be in the summertime. Solar energy generation is caused when solar rays in the form of photons strike the solar cells contained in each of the solar panels causing the electrons in the cell to become excited and act as charge carriers for an electric current. The electric energy generated in each panel is transferred to an optimizer which in turn sends the electricity to an inverter. The inverter converts the energy from DC into AC power that is then sent for use in the Agritek plant or sold onto the Holland BPWs electricity grid if Agritek does not need it. The renewable solar energy provided by the system saves over 37,000 Metric tons of Carbon Dioxide each year. The system also saves 13.4 million gallons of water per year that would have been consumed by nuclear, coal, and natural gas electric generation plants.

The chart below, shows the accumulated data on the power generated every month by the Heliotek solar field system. Solar power in Michigan is viable!

What are the Cost Benefits?

The cost to build the system was $1,570,000. It took 5012 hours to build. Return on this investment comes from many sources. The sale of the electricity generates income, but there are also various tax benefits and income from the sale of SRECS. Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) are earned for every 1 MW of solar renewable energy electricity generated by consumer owned systems. These SRECs are sold to private companies or utilities to help compliance with renewable energy requirements. They are a way to value generation without fossil fuels. Tax benefits are provided through a 5 year accelerated depreciation. A department of agriculture Grant also funded 25% of the project cost. The is an estimated 7% annual net return on the 40 year life expectancy of the system.

Panel Rack Design

Agritek's Engineering Team designed and built the customized racking for the Heliotek system. It is unique in the use of adhesive to install the panels and the ability to manually adjust the tilt of the panels. The use of adhesives allowed Heliotek to take advantage of less expensive frameless panels. The glue used in the project is automotive grade glue that is used for applying windshields to cars. The single row of panels allowed the space to be used optimally without blocking sight lines. The ability to adjust the angle of the panels optimizes the amount of sunlight that hits the panels. In the winter when the sun is lower, the racks are adjusted to an angle of 58 degrees so more sunlight will hit them. In the summer, the angle of the panels is adjusted to 15 degrees to take advantage of the sun being in a higher position in the sky. The tilt increases power generation performance by an estimated 10-15%

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